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  • 2015-May-05 18:36:39 642402522
    Barretop22 said: @Yamikawa Thanks, I thought it was some kind of "special poster" or something. It's noce art, whatsoever.
  • 2015-May-05 16:14:21 642402522
    Yamikawa said: @Baretop22: there's no need to. This is the same as the R/S arc. It's just that Japan recently released 3 big volumes containing the whole arc and this is the 3rd one's cover. The contents didn't change.
  • 2015-May-05 15:20:58 Platinum, Dia y Pe4rl - Pokespe ポケスペ
    Eric Jones said: I agree. If there was a PokeSpe anime that aired instead of the regular Pokemon anime, then I bet the English dub voices would be the same voices heard on the Pokemon anime. Every time I read the Diamond and Pearl Arc, I always hear Wayne Grayson's voice as Pearl. XD
  • 2015-May-05 14:22:52 pkm19 006
    crocodileman94 said: Why do they even write it in Braille?
  • 2015-May-05 14:16:32 pkm19 006
    CasualObserver said: @ht14

    The Braille gives an alternate name for the round, and the Braille translations for all the chapters are found at the end of the arc. If you want to know what this Braille says, look in Volume 22 on the page called "Pokémon Adventures The Fourth Chapter Subtitle List".
  • 2015-May-05 10:25:01 pkm19 006
    Korin said: Braille is not an universal language. That is japanese braille, i guess. And is probably why you don't understand it.
  • 2015-May-05 06:36:07 Platinum, Dia y Pe4rl - Pokespe ポケスペ
    Barretop22 said: If there was a PokeSpe Anime, this would be an awesome ending for the D/P/Pt Arc.