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  • 2015-Mar-01 07:25:30 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    Lolipiece said: Uh, no. There are over a dozen more also uploaded here.
  • 2015-Mar-01 04:02:18 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    VGBM said: Nowhere. This is it. You could probably find the rest in Japanese if you wanna look at the pictures, but that's it.
  • 2015-Mar-01 03:18:42 Pokemon Special BW c14 020.neuquant
    SleepyHero said: I'm a little mixed up about about reading this. The links on magazine scans just stops. I'm not sure where to read the next part .. ^^;;
  • 2015-Mar-01 00:33:55 Pokemon Special v34 c377 049.neuquant
    Ethan said: YESSS!! Looker!!
  • 2015-Mar-01 00:04:55 Pokemon Special v33 c369 089.neuquant
    lunerblade said: is this poetic quote original?
  • 2015-Feb-28 23:22:30 Pokemon Special v33 c369 086-087.neuquant
    Ethan said: Oh no... not Dia! D: Anyone but Dia! Man... Cyrus better not hurt him...
  • 2015-Feb-28 20:04:00 Pokemon Special ORAS c02 p006
    Lolipiece said: Because he has a medical condition that stunts his growth.