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  • Waterfaller on 2012-Feb-17 02:31:05 Waterfaller said

    Does anyone feel like this is De Ja Vu? Ash's Pikachu always had to do the same with Misty's Togepi!
  • PantheonFefnir on 2012-Feb-17 16:02:27 PantheonFefnir said

    @Waterfaller We do not speak his name! *hisses from behind a door at you*
  • You!! on 2012-Feb-18 03:33:14 You!! said


    ASH? who da *uck is ASH? If you mean ASCH the bloody ok your good, but you are using the wrong name from the guy in the cartoon he's REAL name is "CAPMAN" and nothing else

  • Lolipiece on 2012-Feb-18 03:47:31 Lolipiece said

    You know, some people actually like the anime despite liking this series as well...........
  • Duke R on 2012-Feb-18 04:29:52 Duke R said

    Yes, and for those there is the term "mentally retarded".

    @You!! Err... did you just laugh at your own joke?
  • You!! on 2012-Feb-18 05:43:47 You!! said

    sorry double post..


    i think i did? i think im crazy ....
  • Maxine on 2012-Feb-18 07:08:52 Maxine said

    seems some people can't appcept reality realax I ALSO HATE DUMB ASH!!!! so lets not talk about tales of the abbys shall we? some people actually watch that anime
  • Lolipiece on 2012-Feb-18 07:14:04 Lolipiece said

    And the term for those who consistently bash the anime for the most stupidest of reasons is "children".
  • Chamo on 2012-Feb-18 07:15:10 Chamo said

    Wow, you guys are really fucking rude right now.
    Who cares that you hate Ash.
    No one
    that's who.
    :/ take this topic elsewhere please.
    Last thing we need here is another dumb anime bashing flamewar.
  • Maxine on 2012-Feb-18 07:32:42 Maxine said

    Well i am a kid
  • shiningshinka on 2012-Feb-18 08:37:09 shiningshinka said

    what the heck happened... >_>
  • Waterfaller on 2012-Feb-18 09:02:13 Waterfaller said

    I'm sorry for mentioning him! I'll never do it again!! >.
  • Some Guy Whose Name Is Not Steve on 2012-Feb-18 11:07:51 Some Guy Whose Name Is Not Steve said

    Gotta love the classic chubby Pikachu! <3
  • Duke R on 2012-Feb-18 13:37:46 Duke R said

    Woah! I'm with shiningshinka, what happened here???

    If it wasn't for the animé, I would never have met Pokémon! But I think that when you get to read this manga, you see how the animé is poor. It is obviously meant for children audience. I'm 22, if I still enjoyed it like I did when I was 9, I'd call myself retarded.

    If "dumb anime bashing flamewars" have happened in the internet, I don't know about it. I don't take part in forums, so I can't know, but if you are so afraid that it may happen here, it's because they must be really harmful. Well, I won't mention the animé again, okay?

    But I still watch the animé movies, they're good.
  • Dreamingflower on 2012-Feb-18 13:57:50 Dreamingflower said

    I'll just pretend I haven't read anything that's written above. Yaay Pika in his cute old fat style and Pisuke is so cute <3.
  • PantheonFefnir on 2012-Feb-18 16:24:51 PantheonFefnir said

    Geez, I act a tad bit weird and this is what happens? Sheesh... I need to get rid of my sense of humor...

    @Dreamingflower Holy crap, it is fat.
  • Gurrenken on 2012-Feb-18 19:52:22 Gurrenken said

    @BASHERs of te anime

    Without the anime most people won't even know about pokemon i think? So Stop please you're all acting like children >.> the last thing we need here is another pointless anime bashing flamewar.

    Back to the image: holy Pika is Fat
  • Duke R on 2012-Feb-18 21:20:42 Duke R said

    Another flamewar?! It's the first time I talk about this in my life!!!

    If I knew this subject was forbidden I'd never have supported the other comments! Please be patient, I'm new to this!
  • PantheonFefnir on 2012-Feb-18 22:41:31 PantheonFefnir said

    @Gurrenken To be entirely honest, I started with the games, then actually went to The Electric Tale of Pikachu, and ended up with the anime after. And this manga came along next. But that's irrelevant.

    Anyway, anyone realize how Pikachu's right eyebrow is raised extra high?
  • Maxine on 2012-Feb-19 04:12:02 Maxine said

    well im gonna say sorry for what i ever said and i learnt most of pokrmon from the manga..
  • Dreamingflower on 2012-Feb-19 10:38:34 Dreamingflower said

    @PF: Compared to how Pikachu is normally drawn yes. Ironically I was also introduced to Pokemon thanks to the gamed and also the training cards XD.
  • PreciousMetalShippingFTW on 2012-Feb-19 13:15:08 PreciousMetalShippingFTW said

    Meh. I got introduced to pokemon by the video games, namely my first one, pokemon sapphire. I read pokespe at a real young age which got more hooked on, and then the anime, which I would like the newest season if it wasn't for iris and cilan and him replacing Brock.
  • ExileD on 2012-Feb-19 13:53:15 ExileD said

    @PantheonFefnir It's not his eyebrow, it's the scar he got from the battle at Mt. Moon.
    You can see it clearly in the third panel.
    And ignoring the commotion above... YES, PIKA IS FAT O_O
  • Lolipiece on 2012-Feb-19 21:31:27 Lolipiece said

    The scar is on his ear. That's his eyebrow above the left eye.
  • Blaze on 2013-Jan-29 01:49:12 Blaze said

    Panel 7: Dat Pikachu's face.

    Only the kanto saga of the anime was good ... It went shit after hoen
  • Skyheart on 2013-Jan-29 04:09:18 Skyheart said

    @Blaze: Kanto is definitely the best of the anime, but the Orange Islands and Johto aren't bad either.

    Question for you all: is it bad that I'm 18 and re-watching the original series for the umpteenth time...?
  • Dreamingflower on 2013-Jan-29 13:10:38 Dreamingflower said

    Shouldn't we go back talking about the chubby/ fat Pikachu? I think Red and Yellow gave the little guy to much food and before he was in Red's team, he stuffed himself fool with the food he stole from the Pewter City citizens. Later Red noticed that his Pikachu became too fat and decided to give him less, since having one Snorlax in the team is already very food consuming.

    Now I need to try not to laugh, while imagining a super fat Pikachu. XD
  • Skyheart on 2013-Jan-29 16:36:34 Skyheart said

    Here, enjoy this picture of a fat Pikachu. It's one of the less disturbing ones on Google Image Search.
  • Dreamingflower on 2013-Jan-29 18:24:51 Dreamingflower said

  • grub on 2013-Sep-30 04:03:45 grub said

    On that day, mankind received a grim reminder, we lived in fear of the turdlords who comment on this site
  • heyheyhey on 2014-Mar-26 01:33:15 heyheyhey said

    Ash Ketchum From Pallet Town

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  • 2014-Apr-24 08:31:24 pokemon special v43 076
    Bahmo said: Again, the measure of a Mary Sue is the way they affect the world rather than their own traits; the real giveaway is how easy of a time they have it, for whatever reason. Would a girl with Wolverine's powers be a Mary Sue? It all depends. To be frank, Wolverine HIMSELF comes off as one when written badly, smoking and drinking and being a nihilistic ass with no repercussions (so no; it's not just a girl trait), but when written well, he suffers more than a lot of us despite his powers. This is why, in case you weren't aware, Bella Swan is repeatedly called a Mary Sue, despite also being attacked as one of the most worthless, inept, lazy female characters of modern literature, because even when she's a completely mediocre person surrounded by supernatural creatures, somehow all of their feuding revolves around her and it winds up going well for her.

    Protagonists like this annoy me, and many other people, because we prefer ones who EARN their happy ending, or even continuously work for a happy ending they know may never come. Batman has many, many abilities that would probably make him a Mary Sue in a soap opera where women looked for the most eligible bachelor, but in the context of his story, we know he sacrificed lots of fortune and free time to gain those gifts, and despite them, never permanently wins his war on crime. With characters like Superman, their gifts are natural, but a good writer still finds a way to put real conflict in their lives by showing that not all people look up and are wowed by him; some are terrified of him, so he's facing a double battle against villains and his own image. In this manga, there's Sapphire, who worked her ass off to hone her physical prowess and battling skills to high levels, and despite saving Hoenn as the ultimate validation, still has to live with the tragic realization that the person she looked up to and dedicated her life to is kind of a prick.

    The point is that high capabilities do not make a Mary Sue. They're often part of the identity to at least some degree, but any sort of character can fall into it if they somehow seem immune to any consequences you expect people to go through. Good stories need conflict, and Mary Sues undermine it.
  • 2014-Apr-24 07:07:21 pokemon special v43 076
    PK Rock said: Why would Yellow be somehow a Mary Sue? If you described a girl with wolverine's powers would she be a Mary Sue? Any traits will give personality to a character, I personally like Yellow because she did not intended to evolve her pokemon just like I felt when I first played pokemon red. She's not that skilled because she doesn't like to fight. I don't want to make you like Yellow, but these are my reasons why she's nice. Also I wouldn't compare Ash with any of these characters, not even with Yellow because it's not the same thing the anime and manga.
  • 2014-Apr-24 06:53:11 pokemon special v43 076
    Bahmo said: @Redsmydude: Frankly, I dislike almost EVERYTHING about that arc. It's way too weighty and pretentious. Genocide is something that never should be taken lightly, and presenting it in this type of setting just breaks the bounds of logic and good taste. Showing us Lance using a dragon to nuke a city just begs consideration that if Pokemon were capable of the inane Chuck Norris facts in their dex entries, humans should've already been extinct long ago; that's a problem with the brand as a whole, but the Yellow arc RUBS YOUR NOSE IN IT. You have to laugh such things off and just have fun, but who can do that when so much ethical dilemma is being conveyed by a world that is so unrealistic? Moreover, the "Humans are Bastards" trope that motivates the Elite 4 isn't just "not always true" as Yellow was supposed to teach; it's bunk from start to finish! Humans invented morals; nature is red in tooth and claw!

    The only things I like about that arc are the bits with the gym leaders acting as the defenders of their cities instead of just springboards for champs in the making, and team up with the old Rocket admins. But all of that could've been done elsewhere; I still wish I could disregard the whole arc's existence, and no joke; it actually made me think of dropping the whole manga. I'm glad I didn't, as the Rub and Sapphire, and Diamond and Pearl arc were worth it. The HGSS arc...I won't weigh in like a certain other critic, because I'm still not sure what the Hell was going on in them.
  • 2014-Apr-24 06:40:50 Pokemon Special v33 c367 047.neuquant
    PK Rock said: I just love when Platinum gets excited and moves her arms up and down. She's so cute.
  • 2014-Apr-24 06:40:49 Pokemon Special v33 c367 047.neuquant
    PK Rock said: I just love when Platinum gets excited and moves her arms up and down. She's so cute.
  • 2014-Apr-24 06:25:10 pokemon special v43 076
    Bahmo said: @Noek: Maybe, but that doesn't excuse her problems, and moreover, it's just one more thing you can put down to her gift, rather than any growth. Sure, Yellow might have used her brain to battle effectively, but that argument in her defense rings kind of hollow when you consider that's basically par for the course for just about every protagonist in every action scene in the manga, and usually, it's implied that their competence is the result of hard work and a sense of humility. Certainly for Crystal, Sapphire, and Platinum it was; as competent as they showed themselves. With Yellow, occasional (not universal) smart tactics just come off as one more gift.

    And gifted characters can work! It's not terrible to have someone be born with abilities most people don't have, but these things are, at best, wasted when they're just used as a shortcut to do things most protagonists do already, and at worst, enraging. We have so many arcs that are just heroes saving the world from villains; the narrative sometimes tripping over itself in the continual drive to up the stakes. (Which actually ties into how I'm not really fond of the idea of Pokemon "gods" that pervades the series more and more, and wish the series had gone with the plot of the Moon Stone having caused the creation of Pokemon; which may have just been some ambiguously gay dude's questionable ancient alien theory even in the canon of the anime, but at least it goes further in explaining why humans and Pokemon are fundamentally different and Pokemon don't rule the world) You know what they should've done with Yellow? Had a cute little side story that was all about her having conversations with Pokemon. Think of the unique opportunities that could've offered! It's something you hardly ever see in this series, for all its talk of friendship, and what a relief it would be from the endless battle obsession that never lets up for anything but shallow minigames and spinoffs you get tired of even faster!
  • 2014-Apr-23 23:47:32 pokemon special v43 076
    Noek said: @Bahmo

    Most of Yellow's victories is because of her brains using defensive like styles, and she didn't need to learn ever hear "not broke don't fix it" at the beginning she beat Oak's Spearow that he used in the league using this style she used brains more than her powers.