PA5 Chapter Fifty Four07


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  • 2015-Aug-04 09:38:10 18-053
    DaPokemonMadster said: Yeah, how about y'all just drop the conversation for good? All this arguing is getting a bit tiring...
  • 2015-Aug-04 08:59:31 18-053
    MeltingPenguins said: Let's all agree to apologise for being rude and furthermore agree that there i no way that GameFreak does not know what's happening in the official manga. (which is what I was talking about, because I have seen it so bloody often that people act as if the COPYRIGHT HOLDER couldn't possibly know what's happening in official adaptations)
  • 2015-Aug-04 08:10:32 18-053
    Lol XD says said: Umm ...... K .....
  • 2015-Aug-04 07:16:42 18-053
    Rider said: @moo: Looks like it.

    @Lol XD: Please don't. You might start it again.
  • 2015-Aug-04 02:23:33 18-053
    Lol XD says said: Woah what happened here
    Sorry couldn't help asking
  • 2015-Aug-04 01:16:10 18-053
    moo said: does this mean that greener is a boy?
  • 2015-Aug-04 01:12:14 18-053

    Ugh, we're just talking in circles now, and this conversation was pretty much pointless from the beginning. I'm too tired to try and comprehend what meltingpenguins thinks I said (I probably have my own poor wording to blame anyway), and I just overall don't have the energy to deal with this anymore, so I'm going to leave it at that and hopefully this conversation will just die.