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  • 2015-Apr-19 09:40:45 Pokemon Special v38 c417 106.neuquant
     said: Are those rocks mega stones?
  • 2015-Apr-19 07:41:37 Pokemon Special v52 c525 014
    Sayorii-chii said: I'm sorry but their expressions is just, yes-. Leo no. Lack-Two, why.
  • 2015-Apr-19 07:40:14 Pokemon Special v38 c417 106.neuquant
    Jhonnybird said: HOEN GUY SPOTTED (do you know how it is)
  • 2015-Apr-19 06:09:24 Pokemon Special ORAS c04 p005
    kadiricchi said: @Myracels

    Red & Green were 16? But why? O_O

    Yeah, I also hope some ships will... =w=
  • 2015-Apr-19 03:04:10 Page 13
    lunerblade said: surprise
  • 2015-Apr-19 03:03:22 Page 14
    lunerblade said: BOMBS AWAY.
  • 2015-Apr-19 02:46:00 PMZ V1 006
    Victor said: Wow thanks a lot for whoever uploaded this; I've been wanting to read it for pretty long! Also, all the time spent with japanese will finally pay off xD