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  • 2014-Nov-01 04:02:19 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    VGBM said: I feel like I should apologize. I don't even know why I went all-out like that, I guess I was in a bad mood or something.
  • 2014-Oct-31 18:12:52 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 113
    Florocita said: I guess it's just manga logic. It's similar to when Red, Blue and Green send up their starter's attacks up a string in the Yellow chapter.
  • 2014-Oct-31 18:07:22 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 153
    JES said: Darn, I can't read the first word in the left bottom bubble!
  • 2014-Oct-31 17:45:57 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 113
    lunerblade said: swift being unavoidable is a game implication. how in reality is swift unavoidable.
  • 2014-Oct-31 17:24:57 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 113
    JES said: No fair! Avoiding Swift is impossible!

    Maybe if you try to hit two targets at the same time, this is what can happen?
  • 2014-Oct-31 17:21:31 PA3 Chapter Twenty Eight09
    JES said: Yeah, unfortunately, some people can get so, well fired up, that is a very good term to use, Florocita, here.

    It can quickly flame out into an argument match, where everyone tries to prove that they are correct.
  • 2014-Oct-31 17:11:03 Pokemon Adventures v11 - 123
    JES said: Well, apparently, it hurt Skarmory more than Suicune!

    Even with the STAB bonus, Swift might've done more than Steel Wing. Though I never really paid attention to how special and physical attacks were set up at the time, but I think that Swift would've done more damage, causing neutral damage.