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  • 2015-Mar-27 12:27:09 Pokemon Special BW c23 CCI 2013-03 025.neuquant
    =^_^= said: So is this as far as it goes for Pokéspe BW arc scanlations?
  • 2015-Mar-27 07:26:34 38-11
    =^_^= said: Or you could just aim for a part of the chain that's not attached to your leg.
  • 2015-Mar-27 03:44:12 Pokemon Special XY v01 c002 0013
    VGBM said: He got upset when he saw his friend get badly hurt, is that seriously all it takes for you people?
  • 2015-Mar-26 23:07:23 Pokemon Adventures v23 c272 - 021
    laperra said: bromance
  • 2015-Mar-26 20:43:10 Pokemon Special BW c10 004.neuquant
    CasualObserver said: I still think Pokémon Contests are better.
  • 2015-Mar-26 20:33:15 page053
    Ilovethismanga said: DS CONFIRMED!
  • 2015-Mar-26 17:52:48 PA7 Chapter Ninety11 f
    InsertSomeEgdeHere said: That could have killed Lance.