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Pokémon Zensho chapter 0 (Prologue) is now available in English! Click here to read it.

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  • 2014-Sep-22 19:49:50 Sapphire Profile
    Dreamingflower said: Damn, happy late bday Sapphire! I can't believe it Sapph's bday is the same date as my friend's and I still forgot!
  • 2014-Sep-22 06:57:32 Sapphire Profile
    pika09 said: ^Agreed.

    At best I expect the ORAS arc to be delayed for a few months after the game's release (like BW2).
  • 2014-Sep-22 06:00:23 Sapphire Profile
    Lolipiece said: Nah.

    RS's the most chapter. It'd be silly for them to not try and attract an audience with the most popular ship.
  • 2014-Sep-22 03:15:19 Sapphire Profile
    Hyd said: What if ORAS arc is not even happening?
  • 2014-Sep-21 23:01:44 Page 09
    GSCRGBRGBLEDY said: You do not know how crazy leaders of evil organizations can be, Gold! One (spoiler alert) was so crazy, he would capture people's parents just to get what he wanted!
  • 2014-Sep-21 18:04:52 Sapphire Profile
    GoldenCrystal said: You tell me... I haven't even read BW2 yet! XC
  • 2014-Sep-21 17:37:04 Sapphire Profile
    Bahmo said: I have to wonder if the game releases are starting to move too fast for the manga to keep up.