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Pokémon Zensho chapter 0 (Prologue) is now available in English! Click here to read it.

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  • 2015-Jan-26 20:18:50 09
    Drake said: I wonder what the puns are in Japanese. The first ought to be the same, but the others I find a bit forced...
  • 2015-Jan-26 11:57:39 Pokemon Special v40 c433 058.neuquant
    Thesilverwolf69 said: Giratina: REVENGE

  • 2015-Jan-26 10:16:56 Pokemon Special XY v01 c002 0008
    RPatterson4 said: holy shit did furfrou die
  • 2015-Jan-26 03:32:25 Pokemon Special PSs2 083
    VGBM said: This is the whole thing.
  • 2015-Jan-25 23:46:17 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And Three10
    Ethan said: Crap, meant types.
  • 2015-Jan-25 23:45:26 PA8 Chapter One Hundred And Three10
    Ethan said: Delibird and Houndour's Species names are reversed....
  • 2015-Jan-25 21:14:05 Pokemon Special PSs2 083
    Appraise said: Are there more parts to this Mt Silver Training Chapter or is this the whole thing?